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Flatiron Acupuncture in Boulder can help with the following ailments:


After conventional treatments failed to effectively treat my insomnia and female issues, (and wanting to find a natural healthier alternative), I turned to acupuncture. I was regularly sleeping 3 hours/ night and after weekly or bi-monthly acupuncture treatments and herbs. I am now sleeping 6-8 hours/ night. Erika has successfully treated me with her skillfull application of acupuncture and her special blends of Chinese herbs, I feel fantastic and continue treatment as a preventative. She is a compassionate, dedicated professional who consistently strives to improve the health and well being of her clients.”

–Natalie O.

Neck Pain

In 1999 I suffered an injury that resulted in chronic back pain. For several years, I could manage the pain, but it never really went away. Sometimes it was a dull nagging, but other times I could barely walk down a flight of stairs.  I didn’t like taking pain medicine, so often I just suffered through the episode .   In 2003  I made an appointment with Erika.  I could not believe the results!  After the first treatment, my pain was almost completely gone.  I got a few more treatments and felt like a new person.  Over the last few years, the problem sometimes flares up, and I can get one treatment from Erika and feel good again for months.  Before I tried acupuncture, I had gotten several different kinds of care to deal with this problem, but I feel like they all treated the symptoms.  Erika goes to the the source and treats what is causing the pain.

-Heather M.

Plantar Fascitis

I suffered from plantar fascitus that gave me serious foot pain. My job requires that I am on my feet all day and it was really effecting me. Erika treated my foot and in one session was able to allieviate my pain. It is such a relief to be able to do all the active things I love. She is amazing!

-Charlotte D.

Rotator Cuff Injury

Nothing improves my shoulder pain and impingement like acupuncture.  After an injury 11 years ago to both shoulders, I have learned to manage the pain and keep my shoulders from locking up by occasional acupuncture treatments, which give me relief for weeks and sometimes months.  Erika has been treating my shoulders for over 6 years and it has become my one constant in pain management.  It is immediate relief for that deep and constant throbbing, burning and pinching that shoulder injuries bring.  Thank you, Erika!

-Kimba H.

Placenta Previa

I started my second pregnancy with a complete placenta previa and if the condition persisted I would have been on bedrest as my pregnancy progressed. Erika wrote a custom formula for me and sent me the brewed tea. One month later I went for an ultrasound and the doctor said my placenta moved to effaced and I continued a normal active pregnancy.

Children’s chronic cough, runny nose

My daughter contacted a strep infection on her skin at age 1 and took antibiotics. The infection resurfaced 3 weeks later and another round of antibiotics was prescribed. The strep infection went away, however a cough and runny nose came and persisted for 1 ½ years. I mistakenly gave her 2-3 more rounds of antibiotics.  The cough – runny nose always reappeared in a month or so or whenever she was exposed to another sick child.  At my wits end with another prescription of antibiotics in my hand, I consulted Erika.  She sent me her sinus formula (a brewed tea formula) and an herbal cough syrup.  She prescribed a new diet for my daughter to follow in conjuction with the herbs.  My daughter took the herbs like a champ and in 3 weeks her cough/ runny nose was gone. She could finally get a full night’s sleep.  The herbs/ diet dried up her mucus and consequently the cough went away.  She did not get another cold for almost a year.  When a cough did resurface I gave her some of Erika’s herbs and it went away. I cannot say enough good things about Erika Weich’s practice.

–Elizabeth S.

Children’s ear infection and colds

I am writing to say how successful I have been using the various teas, formulas, and syrups that Erika has been suggesting for my son. I have always been a middle of the road person when it comes to antibiotics and my necessity to use them. When my son first got ear infections I felt there was no other choice- the pain was just too unbearable. Then they came back. I have come to realize that the only thing that works the most consistently throughout the winter is proactive herb taking. Taking the ear formula, the cough syrup, and the teas for fighting colds and infection when the first symptoms appear. Now I only have the formulas and syrups and teas and my son only goes to the doctor for his yearly checkups. I can’t help but attribute it to proactive herb taking. Its not that he doesn’t ever get sick, it’s that his body is able to fight it better.

– Chris O.

Children’s Asthma

Hi, my name is Mia and I am 11 years old. When I was 4, I went to the doctor and they told me that I had asthma and allergies.  I had to take like 5 different medicines and use a nebulizer.  My mom didn’t want to give me all those things so Erika made me an herbal formula and I had to change what I was eating.  I have been taking the herbs everyday for the past 6 years and I hardly ever have to take anything else.  I keep an albuterol inhaler around just in case I start to wheeze really bad.  It was hard at first because the herbs taste so gross, but I do my ceremony of the herbs and water, then I clink them and drink them.  Having the water right there to wash it down really helps. The herbs really work.  I haven’t even been back to my asthma doctor or pediatrician in a few years.

-Mia B.

Regulate menstrual cycle

I first consulted Erika because I had a seriously irregular period and I knew at some point I would like to try and get pregnant. Within the first month of taking her tea my period arrived at 28 days. For the next three months after my period was on-time for the first time in at least ten years. I was pregnant by the middle of the fourth month. We had incredible results. Dad and I both agree. We still continue to consult with Erika when treating our son, before our regular doctor, especially during the winter months when we are fighting cold and flu season. We have had much success with the cough syrups, ear formulas, cold fighting teas, and fungus fighting formulas.

–Lauren K.

Lupus and Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

Erika began treating me in September ’04. I had been diagnosed with Lupus (SLE)affecting my heart and pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) affecting my lungs. We began with weekly acupuncture treatments. These have been supplemental during the last 2 years with chinese herbs.  I take several medications for these 2 conditions. One medication causes hot flashes and Erika has been very creative in devising an herbal formula that alleviates this uncomfortable side effect.  A chronic cough has also been eliminated by her herbal formula. If you have a chronic illness you know how important a maintenance program is to achieve a balance in your health. That is why I will continue to visit Boulder Flatiron Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine a regular part of my health regimen.

-Kathy K.