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Cannabis Research Links

Here are some research links to look over to help you decide if Cannabis would be a effective supplement in your healing journey. After doing your research  and you have decided you would like to use  medicinal Cannabis please make an appointment for a consultation and I will help guide you through the process of […]

Endocannabinoid System

Since the cannabis plant has become legal in Colorado I have incorporated the herb into my herbal practice. When used correctly this herb has the potential to treat many ailments and diseases that are difficult to treat in Western or eastern medicine. It is literally the herb that has been missing in our pharmacy. When […]

Digestive Disorders

Digestive disorders ( A well kept secret) Not digesting your food properly is a health condition many people don’t like to talk about. It is not exactly dinnertime conversation. I feel many people ignore this problem and don’t think it is an issue until another problem presents itself.  The way you digest your food is […]

Chronic Giardia

38 year old female came in complaining of gas all night every night, felt like her upper abdomen was popping at night- bloating and gas. Every night she had borborygmus (stomach rumbling) in the upper abdomen and said she could see clumps moving in that area. In the morning she would have weird aerated stools frequently […]

What do you do when your child keeps getting sick?

It is so frustrating to have a sick child all the time. The problem is many of the western treatments for colds and ear infections promote the problem. By killing all the bacteria in the gut with antibiotics it leaves your child’s immune system susceptible to more infections. I have found herbs to be very […]

Overuse of Antibiotics

When should you take anitbiotics?  When you have a bacterial infection. Frequently antibiotics are prescribed for the common cold. Why?  Because that is the only thing a doctor can give you that might give you some relief. This is the case in many illnesses. For example, urinary tract infections are often treated with antibiotics but […]

Rotator Cuff Injury treatment

Rotator cuff injuries are the most common injury to the shoulder. People frequently damage the supraspinatous while working above their heads- painting, construction, etc. This injury produces pain that goes from the top of the shoulder through the bicep and produces a pinch when lifting the arm. Western medicine generally treats this problem with surgery. […]

Children’s ear infections

What is the best remedy for otitis media (ear infection) in children? Not antibiotics contrary to popular opinions by doctors. Ear infections are generally viral not bacterial so children generally only get temporary relief from antibiotics. After the antibiotics they are more suseptible to get more ear infections. Why? Because the antibiotics kill all the […]