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Chinese Herbs

The Chinese have been using herbs for thousands of years and compiling information about them based on their properties and how the patient reacted to treatment. This has led us to having a great system of how to choose Chinese herbs and write formulas for each client. Chinese herbs surprise me every day with how strong and effective they can be when prescribed correctly. Usually I prescribe a formula and see how the patient reacts then they come back in a week later and I adjust the formula based on our results. Chinese herbs work well for most internal medicine problems just like pharmaceuticals but they tend to have a lot less side effects because you are using the entire plant not just manipulating one part of it. Examples of conditions I like to treat with Chinese herbs would be menstrual problems, digestive disorders, migraines, colds and flus, cough, menopause, etc. Chinese herbs work to help bring the body back into balance and regulate the body.



In my practice I have a raw herb pharmacy where you make a tea from the herbs and drink it over the next 3 days. This I find to be the strongest way to take the herbs. I also have a granular herb pharmacy where you mix a powder with hot water  and drink the herbs 2-3 times a day. Both are very effective it depends on your lifestyle which form would work better for you. Both forms of prescribing herbs are custom for each client. herbs1